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AutoHotkey is such a powerful language and can be used to do so many things. Because of this you will likely have many AHK scripts/hotkeys to accomplish a variety of different tasks, some that you use frequently and others not so frequently.

AHK Command Picker solves the following AHK problems:
  • Trying to remember which hotkeys (i.e. key combinations) are used to launch which scripts (e.g. which script does Win+A launch again?).
  • Trying to find new hotkeys that aren't already used by other applications (e.g. I hit Ctrl+N to open a new tab in my application, but it launched one of my scripts as well. Oops).
  • Accidentally launching scripts by unintentionally hitting a hotkey key combination (e.g. my fingers weren't on home-row as I thought they were, or my son came over and mashed a bunch of keys).

AHK Command Picker also allows you to:
  • Browse your list of commands (i.e. functions / scripts), each with an optional user-friendly description.
  • Easily provide parameters to your commands, which can be used to alter a command's functionality.
    • You can also provide preset parameter values that get shown in the command picker.
  • Still execute your AHK code very quickly by CamelCase filtering the commands and preset parameters as you type.
  • Automate more tasks.

If you are trying to determine if something is worth taking the time to automate, consult this handy chart.

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