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Project Description
An AutoHotkey (AHK) script that allows you to easily call AHK functions to run other AHK scripts. (Requires AutoHotkey_L).

Instead of having to remember what hotkey maps to each of your AHK scripts (as you could have hundreds), this displays a list of Commands in a light-weight GUI that allows you to quickly and easily run your scripts. Simply type part of the command name and hit enter to run your script. You can also provide parameters to your commands, allowing you to change the functionality of a command with a few keystrokes.

For more reasons to use this with your AHK scripts, see Why Use AHK Command Picker.

How To Use AHK Command Picker
To launch AHK Command Picker run the AHKCommandPicker.ahk script.

Press the Caps Lock key to bring up the AHK Command Picker GUI. From there just type the name of the command that you want to run and hit enter to run it. You can still toggle Caps Lock on and off by pressing Shift+Caps Lock.

To add your own commands to AHK Command Picker, see the documentation.

Screen Shots
All commands:

Commands filtered as you type:

Get started with AHK Command Picker in under 2 minutes:

Some out of the box functionality provided by AHK Command Picker:

Motivation for creating AHK Command Picker and some AHK problems it solves:


"I've found that by not having to find and assign a specific hotkey (i.e. keyboard combination) to each of my scripts, I am more likely to automate many more of my tasks. Before I would worry about having to remember too many keyboard shortcuts and the overhead involved (remembering which shortcut launches what, accidentally triggering them, etc.), so I would only use AHK to automate the tasks that I did all of the time. Now with AHK Command Picker these problems are gone, so I automate everything; even the tasks that I might only do once a month."

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